Monday, February 18, 2008

Booties sent

By the way. I sent the booties off to China about 12 days ago along with medicine and some kitty hats Sami picked out from Target. I figured what better time to send them then now.

Chinese Sweater

Sorry I haven't made a post since Nov. I'm terrible at these things. I only posted today so the people on my China blog can see the sweater my mom made for Sami. You see, I've been keeping it away until we get Penny from China. My mom also made one for Sami and me. So I was thinking is, if I take them out and wear them maybe our positive energy can cause Penny to come. A couple of weeks ago I was attracted to everything Chinese again. No, It wasn't the new year I don't think. I pulled out the learn chinese DVD I bought a year ago and haven't listened to since. I totally remembered everything I learned from a year ago. I wanted Chinese food all the time. I was seeing Chinese babies everywhere. We saw 3 with one mama yesterday at Gepehttos. I think it hard to look at things we have purchased for our babies years ago and feel happy. You know how in the Secret "I'm not saying everything is right about the secret," they take about mass positive and negative energy effecting things in the world. I think it's true in some ways. If everyone is speaking negatively about a major issue it will get worse. What causes it to if probably not some secret force. It's just people reacting to what is being said, put in the papers, put up on blogs etc. My point is, if we bring these things into our lives again and focus positively maybe just maybe our babies will come faster. It"s worth a shot right.