Friday, November 2, 2007

How many booties you ask??

Forgot to tell you there are 125 booties and a few mittens. All of which I need to send to China now. I'll find the cheapest way. There are way too many for me to take with. We will have so much luggage as it is with 2 babies.

Bootie Project

Last year I had asked my mom to knit 12 - 15 booties for my group that I will be traveling to China with. You are assigned a group of people that you travel w/ once you receive your referral "baby info." This you do not receive until about 5-8 weeks before you go. So it won't be for a while, next summer perhaps. Then my mom's Bob said "well what about all those babies left there w/ out booties?" She posted on her knitting blog about the orphans in China and wanted to start a project. I am posting a picture of the bootie project. They are all so beautiful. One of the ladies made the yarn for these socks from her own wool and dyed them too. I love these little socks. Then someone did these little bootie that are kind of flat at the bottom.

Knit crazy Grammy

My mother has been knitting baby sweaters for 12 years now. The first 10 years was solely for my sisters 5 kids, soon to be 6 but who's counting. When we started our China adoption she started knitting for our soon to be baby Penny. Well, it's been over 2 years now. Needless to say, I have a tons of great knit caps, pants, sweaters, mittens, the list goes on. Then in June of this year we received our baby Sami through domestic adoption. Now I have a ton more knitted things from my mom for Sami too. Penny's were all made to fit 12 months and up so Sami can't even dig into those. I'm posting a picture of not even 1/4 of the knitted items. It was just what I had handy. The Chinese sweater in the front IS for Penny. Sami is getting her own made as we speak. I also have one.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

When it all started

We started our China adoption 9/2005. Just like everyone else at the time, we were told the wait would be about a year. Well, obviously that's not the case. When we came to the realization that the wait was going to continue to extend, we decided to persue a domestic adoption. In May 2007 we signed on with an adoption attorney. We had just updated all of our paperwork for China so we were all ready with paperwork, with a few things here and there new to do. We submitted our pictures, family info. and birth mother letter. They did the website in about 2 weeks. Our site was live for a bout 3 weeks and we were chosen by a birth mother in June 2007. I will update more info about all this in a couple of days. That is the picture of our beautiful Sami. We can't help but think, if China didn't take this long we never would have even met our baby Sami. I know it's hard sometimes but this goes to show you there are reasons for this wait. We will all get the babies we are supposed to in the end!!!!

Got it

Ok. I think I got it. I just need to figure out how to get my page personalized. ???
Well let me tell you a bit about us. We are 8 right now. My hubby, myself, Sami "our newest surprise," Archie, Leia, Maxie, Willie and Sherman. The last 5 are our pets.
I am very late with starting a blog. Part of my though it would be harder on our wait for Penny, part of me thought it would be better. Now, 2 years later, I decided to go ahead and do it.

Just a test

Ok, I'm new at this so this is just a test. Let's see what happens now.