Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Goin' to China to get Felix Fu Xi

So we got our tickets. I can't say what the date is because, my mother doesn't want to worry. She just wants to know when we're there, when we get back, when it happens. All I can say is, we're going the last week of Jan sometime. We will be there for 2 weeks. We signed the application to get our child on 9/05. Wow, what a wait. It could be worse. It's going to be freezing in Henan Province. We fly into Beijing and back home out of Guangzhou-Hong Kong-home. We'll hit the warmer weather down South.

Been working on how to get more exposure to my site
I'm torn because I don't want to start traffic, then go to China for 2 weeks and have potential customers think their sale has been lost and never come back to shop us. Maybe I can work on it while on the plane and kill 14 hours. Haha. I'm hoping I'll be asleep for most of it.
Any who- please visit our site if have some non toxic, organic children/baby product needs. We have some really cute clothing lines by Happy Green Bee, organic cotton w/ bold colors and Kicky Pants, A bamboo clothing line. The body care we carry is by Erbaviva. Ohhhh, the essential oil sents are so beautiful and soothing. Sami has very sensitve skin and it was the only line that worked for her......that's why we sell it. Oh and the fun toys by Holgate. They have always been a sustainable wood toy company from the start.