Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Penny Updates

Just what I needed to get me through this long week. We are still waiting on our immigration 800A approval. I just got word today that our application is still being reviewed even though I've submitted all the additional required docs. I thought I'd have it sent out for certification/authentication by Wed, but that will not happen now. BUT just as I was feeling down, I got updated info about our little girl from our agency. She's looking cuter then ever and not that far off on the size that a 22 month old should be. I need to compare her size to August updates:

As of now she's
30 inches
21.3 lbs
4.9 inch Feet
17.3 inch chest
18.8 head

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dossier sent

Ok, well not really. I got the OK to send in my dossier, payments and all other materials to my agency today. Of course it is less our 800A approval. I'm glad it's going out of my hands though and to my agency. I wanted them to review everything while we sit and wait for the 800A approval, then to send it out to get certified, then authenticated. We could be looking at another 3 weeks here before it gets to our agency. They said ok, send it in, we'll review it. So I march down to get my cashiers check, oh, bank closed, post office closed, Veteran's Day. So it goes out tomorrow. Yippy. First thing. My coordinator will have it in her hands Friday AM.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Penny's package received!!

Yay. We found out today that Penny's care package was received yesterday. Yippy!!!!