Sunday, November 16, 2008

See ya Later Penny

So for those of you who don't know.......
We started our adoption process back 9/05. This is when the slow down in Chinese adoption had begun, only we weren't aware of it until about 6 months later. We never thought it would take this long. We originally wanted a healthy girl age up to 12 months old. Of course you really don't know the age. She could be 8 months or 14 months. As time went by, we had our ups and downs with the process. One day we were on board the next we wanted out. In our hearts we named our little girl Penny after my mom, I just always like the name and it seemed to fit our image of her. Our friends and family referred to her as Penny for the past 3 years. Last summer we decided to go through an adoption attorney, Adoption Network Law Center for a domestic adoption. To our surprised we were choosen by a birth mama just after 3 weeks. We got the call and that same week Sami was being born. It was amazing, we were there for the birth and stayed in the hospital for 2 night with her in our room. We have a relationship with Sami's birth mom and everything is great. We started looking into the Waiting Child program with our China agency, older children and/or with Special needs. We found out you can elect as many or little conditions your comfortable with. We were in. Then 2 weeks later, we got a newsletter from our agency letting us know there were many little guys waiting as well. I asked John what he though about changing gender to either. It was hard because in our hearts we had our image of our little Penny. I couldn't let go. But after some more though, and thinking "what are the chances it will be a boy," we switched. Well........ a week later, we got the call from our agency. I actually called my agency first. I saw him on the waiting list on our agency website. They usually post children that are more difficult to find homes for. There was no picture just a small tid bit of info about him. I called my agency to ask about him, oh a never told my husband BTW because I was tired of telling him about things that won't happen. My agency said that a family has his file locked and they would put us on the long waiting list. I thought we'd have no chance. That following week they called me-AHHHHHHHHHHHH. I was so scared, scared to look at his file and find something too serious for us to handle because I made the mistake of looking at his photo first. And I mean seriously-he's adorable. So here we are today waiting to get our little Felix Fu Xi. We never knew Penny was more then what we could have ever imagined. Because of her I had hope, sanity, clarity and the will to go on each day. She gave us the love of the adoption process, she gave us Sami and she gave us Felix. It's amazing that we go through life each day crossing our own paths, fighting ourselves each step of the way. Sometimes we take the wrong one, but eventually we get on the right one. And that's when things fall in place.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


As you can see, I haven't posted to my blog in forever. Can't keep up with my business, facebook, 4 email accounts, daughter, husband, friends and the 5 pets.
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So we changed our China status. We moved into the waiting child program and elected either gender about 5 weeks ago. Well, our agency called us 3 weeks later and told us that they had a little boy 2.5 years old that has had intestinal surgery. We viewed his file and accepted right away. We knew when we saw his picture there was no turning back. My husbad didn't even want to read the medical file. Our little boy had him at "look at my photo!!"
Today we got our PA. Our first offical approval. So let me show you his photo. His name is Felix Fu Xi. He's in JiaoZuo Social Welfare Institute-Henan Province