Monday, March 30, 2009

Day to day

We're doing really well as a family. Felix is getting so much healthier. He had 3 different parasites in his body, which are now gone. Another surprise but not really was he had rickets, due to the lack of calcium and sunlight and overall lack of nutrients for 3 years. The level they measure the rickets has dramatically decreased, getting back to the level he should be at. we can just see the difference in his daily play. He's so much stronger, faster and doesn't take as long to recover from falls and stuff. We will be consistently battling his Hepatitis B though. His level is high, which in normal in a child that has been born into it. We cannot treat him yet as his body doesn't even recognize he has it. There are a number of ways to treat it but they are pretty harsh. I told my gym daycare today about his condition. I have finally gotten him to the point that he lets me go workout for 45 min or so as long as Sami doesn't complain, then he gets a little worked up too. They seemed very understanding and willing to deal with it, I might get told I can't bring him anymore one day soon though. We'll see. I've heard about that kind of thing happening. By law you do not need to release that info to daycares or schools. We thought it was our personal responsibility to tell them. As for his intestinal post surgery issues, there seems to be none. As long as he's growing and feeling well, his surgery was done well in Beijing. Sami loves her big brother "most of the time." She asks for him when she wakes. Him and daddy went to get bagels the other AM before she got up. She was all worked up because he wasn't here. It's the first time since 2/2/09 she didn't see him when she got up. Then when he got home, oh she was so excited AND w/ bagels!!!!! Our days are fun filled. We have the annual pass to legoland and our zoos so we frequent there. He loves to eat any where at any time, so just going out to a meal he's all smiles. It's so easy taking them anywhere. Sami is still the only one I have to really worry about. She's all over the place and Felix just listens to everything I say. They fight constently over toys "normal," but for the most part, they have a blast together. Can't wait to go back and do it all over again. No, really I know!!!! Until next time