Monday, June 7, 2010

Recent Pictures

I just got some recent pictures of Penny. We're at the finish line "kinda," and I couldn't wait any longer. Had to see her now, now, now. Next week they will probably be getting her prepped to go, any toys she'll be leaving with, clothes, etc. They've been showing her our photo album we made for her, therefore she'll be a little familiar with us. Although I'm sad to leave the kiddos behind, I'm looking forward to spending some alone "ish" time with Johnny. We haven't been on a plane solo in 3 years, certainly haven't gone away together either. We'll probably get Penny a couple days into the trip. Sometimes you get your child the day you get in, sometimes not for days. We should know soon.


Kristin said...

Looking forward to following along, wish we were with you!

From all of us with love said...

Too Cute. Love the pictures. But, again we have the same dress. Is she in foster care? Do you have a picture of her foster family?
So excited for you!!!!

April said...

No, She's in Bao'an SWI. The dress, that's funny!!!