Thursday, January 14, 2010

Penny Bday Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Angela at LadybugnLove, we got a cake and some pictures of our girl. She looks SO much bigger then last pictures from November. No pig tails this time. Looks like she's gotten a hair cut since then. I can't see her little collapsed nostril. I guess as the surgery heals, it gets better. I really like that imperfection though. I got so use to it.
She looks confused by the cake. I'm sure she figured it out quickly. I'm assuming they bring it all out to the others after they take the pictures. They never put any other kids in the photos there.
Side note-someone just got their LOA in 34 days "record." I'm thinking it's a trend as we've seen some days in the 40's last batch. We could get ours soon!!!!


Shirlee McCoy said...

She's darling. Congratulations!

Knitcrazy said...

Awwwww.. She is 2 Years Old...
Happy Birthday Dear Penny!!!

I think she is all Puffed Up in those clothes.. It must be cold There :)

Tassie said...

I love the pictures of Penny with her cake! What a treat it will be for her down the road to have these and to know that across the big pond you were celebrating her too.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Happy Birthday to Penny! She's precious! Our Luke will be 2 on February 25th!

I certainly hope you're right on your LOA! I'm waiting on our LID now, so I'll be watching your stats closely! :) We're with BAAS too!

Isn't it funny how you get figures in your head. I have the date of 1/28 in my head for our LID and that we will travel the 3rd week of June, although sooner would be terrific! It will be interesting to see if we're right!

Have a great day!